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Smart-contract-based MLM software

Smart-contract-based MLM software on Solana Blockchain development offers a decentralized approach to multi-level marketing, leveraging Solana's high-speed, low-cost infrastructure.

Flash USDT software on TRC20 Network bridge

Identify and integrate with third-party blockchain APIs for Ethereum and TRON. Set up API calls to fetch real-time data related to the bridge,

Pharma Supply Chain System using Smart Contracts

The pharmaceutical industry faces significant challenges related to the security and integrity of the supply chain, including issues such as counterfeiting,

Real Estate Booking System using Smart Contracts

We are living in the age of decentralization and the removal of middlemen. The digital era is slowly transforming and replacing traditional methods.

Blockchain based Cloud File Sharing System

A cloud file system is a storage system that allows for shared access to file data. Users have the ability to create, delete, modify, read, and write files

Patient Data Management System using Blockchain

The need for maintaining an accurate and infallible record of an individual’s medical records and bills can’t be understated.

Loyalty Points Exchange System using Blockchain

Loyalty program is a kind of marketing strategy employed by a company to encourage their customers to keep returning and continue making repeat purchases.

Blockchain based Disk Space Rental System

The majority of disc space on a computer is free; however, if a company pays money to rent out hard-disk space, the company can then rent that space to other businesses.

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