How we can help you?


If you have an idea, we can help you get started and launch to the market in days.


If you have an existing small business, we can help you scale it across the globe.


If you are a big company, we can help you streamline processes and growth in the long term.

What is our Development Process?

Our development process is a sequence of up to 12 stages. We have created the first-ever factory model for software development with a focus on improving development velocity, software quality, and process reliability. Using our factory model, customers can shrink the Software development process from months and years to just weeks. This gives a completely transparent process enabling better planning and inter-team coordination.

What are the payment milestones in a project?

We have designed the most flexible payment methods so that you feel safe and secure while we ensure the value we provide during each release meets your expectation. The payment is equally divided into five milestones where you are requested to pay 20% during each milestone. This ensures that you feel confident and pay as you go. Currently, we don’t accept revenue sharing or equity-based payment since we might not understand the industry insights. We ensure you get great value and a world-class product worth the amount you pay.

What are the two models of
software development?

At CDC we follow two models of software developments depending on our client’s needs.

Fixed Bid Project

This method is used when you have a clear scope of the project, needed requirement or the reference application to get inspired before the start of the project. This will help us define a fixed cost and fixed time estimate to complete the project.

Time and Material Project

This method is used when your project needs to evolve over some time or when the project requirement is huge or the requirement is based on a new evolving domain. Because of this evolving nature, we will not be able to capture the cost and time needed. This will be billed monthly based on the effort from various members at a standard rate.

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